Last Day Of The Meditation On Residential Services – GreenUP, I love the name

It is a good thing that I got to them when I did because they are changing their name to something less charming. Oh well that is the way the corporate dice fall. Anyway, to me these people look like up and comers so to speak, so:

Yes, its true…after many months of planning and good counsel, GreenUP Energy Solutions will begin taking steps to change its name to Green Building Solutions Inc. GreenUP is owned by someone who also was a part owner in a construction company. Now with a new team and direction in place, It has been decided to be necessary to create a name and brand that will suit our portfolio of services and clients. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we take, what we feel are the necessary steps to building a solid infrastructure for all our partners and associates to grow from.


Green Building Solutions is a diverse company offering many services revolving around construction and renewable energy. We offer a variety of wind and solar options as well as full service installation. Green Building Solutions offers a variety of construction services specializing in building alterations, new construction, interior finishes and systems, with over 15 years of experience in Retail, commercial, industrial and residential. Green Building Solutions is a reliable resource for all your construction and go green needs!

Looking to build a NEW greener Smart Home? Contact us today and mention the Smart-House promotion! We have tons of designs to choose from.

Browse our products and services for more information on how we can help you or your Home or Business go green. Visit our contact page and someone in our sales team will respond with-in 24 hours. We look forward to working with you.

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Yes, its true…after many months of planning and good counsel,  GreenUP Energy Solutions will begin taking s…

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What Does Biofuel Have To Do With The Residential Market

Well many of us like cooking with natural gas, and in a dramatically reduced energy environment absent hydrocarbons biofuels will make this possible. I do not believe they should be used in our transportation ground fleet and obviously air travel will have to be banned. Really burning wood or other things like dung would also have to be banned. Solar cookers can help in that. Still the use of biofuels is a closed system, first absorbing carbon then releasing it so it is carbon neutral.

Even without the coming generation of “energy crops,” Sundrop Fuels can produce more than a billion gallons of renewable drop-in fuel using the agricultural residue and woody biomass that is available right now.

How Sundrop Fuels connects biomass with the best resources. 

There is ample high-quality biomass feedstock available throughout the U.S. to supply the Sundrop Fuels biorefineries with the feedstock necessary to produce billion of gallons of drop-in biofuels per year. Our flexibility in energy source and biomass type allows Sundrop Fuels to locate in the most economically and environmentally efficient areas of the country.



While providing the highest fuel yield of any biomass process, the Sundrop Fuels RP Reactor™ radiant heat transfer technology can use any cellulosic plant material as feedstock. This can include:

Agriculture waste
Rice straw
Rice Hulls
Wheat straw
Existing and future energy crops
High-biomass sorghum
Woody biomass
Sustainable harvesting
Forest thinnings
Insect kill



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Automated Residential Systems – Here is a good example

Again these type systems are not for lower or working class families. They need basic energy conservation techniques and ultimately to be moved off the grid. But for those who can afford it this is pretty cool.

Venergy home is a complete home automation solution. The Venergy system allows homeowners to control all the lights in their home from a series of self-powering switches, Thermostat HVAC control, and electronics connected to the Venergy outlet. In addition the home owner has complete home automation through the Venergy software for entertainment, security alarm, cameras, real time smart energy monitoring and much more!

New Home Construction or Retrofit Benefits:

Reduce build costs in new construction with the Venergy new home 16 channel controller, which eliminates the need for switch legs.

100% whole house dimming, which results in dramatic energy savings and extended bulb life with the Venergy new home controller

Because all switches are 100% movable, homeowners can change switch locations any time they want or need to.

Terminate Standby power to electronics with the Venergy outlet.

Know to the kHw or penny how much energy your home is consuming with the Venergy Smart Monitor.

Turn on lights, control temperature, monitor your home while out of town with your iPhone, Blackberry or web browser and the Venergy software interface.

The Venergy home automation solution is a simple retrofit or new construction system which provides the home owner with basic or advanced control as they desire.


An Explosion Of Middle Class Energy Services – Not for the poor

By the way, I do not mean this as a critic. As income rises so does energy wastage. They have bigger house and bigger stuff all the way around. So damping this residential sector is critical. But this requires some money.

Slash Your Energy Costs!

The healthy, energy-efficient home of the future is here today! EcoLogic Energy Solutions is proud to offer the most advanced spray foam insulation systems for residential and commercial construction. We offer over four different types of spray foams, including soy-based, to meet your needs. Through the use of spray foam insulation, EcoLogic transforms an ordinary house into a modern day, high-performance home. The results speak for themselves. A home or building insulated with spray foam is up to 50-70% more energy efficient than a similar structure using fiberglass insulation!

EcoLogic has assembled the most experienced, knowledgeable, and professional team in the region. We are committed to helping people save money, live in a healthy and comfortable home, and reduce their impact on the environment. We follow through with our commitment by donating a portion of our pre-tax profits to charities dedicated to helping safeguard our environment.

Whether you are a homeowner, architect, builder, or contractor we invite you to explore our site and give us a call at 203-889-0505.

Save money on residential heating and cooling

We are proud to provide rating services to qualify new homes for the ENERGY STAR® label. ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code requirements. Even in states with more rigorous energy codes, the U.S. EPA ensures that ENERGY STAR remains the symbol for truly energy-efficient performance. These homes are good for businesses, consumers, and the environment.


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Residential Solar Down To A $1.57 Per Watt – Cool breeze

At least that is what the folks at SunWize claim.

SunWize headquarters and East Coast distribution facility in Kingston, NY

What Can SunWize Do For You?

From manufactured specialty modules to prepackaged units to site installed systems to an extensive component inventory, SunWize meets your power needs using photovoltaic (PV) technology. Our solar electric systems supply reliable power where and when you need it. We design our products and systems for maximum efficiency and minimum on-site construction time and operation costs.


Our pre-assembled systems are complete, fully integrated power supplies designed to meet the requirements of your project. All systems are easy to order, factory assembled, and simple to install and commission. We design custom systems and products to satisfy specific load and environmental requirements. SunWize, the premier solar electric distributor in the USA, also supplies a large selection of solar modules and balance of system components to its network of solar dealers and installers.

Solar Energy Design Services

For over 25 years, PV has been used extensively as a distributed power source for industrial equipment located “off the grid”. PV systems are powering a variety of loads, such as microwave and fiber optic repeaters, instrumentation, RTU/SCADA, cathodic protection, rural telephony and traffic safety. Since many of these projects include a variety of requirements and special considerations, we offer the following project services:
– Site Analysis – Specification Preparation
– Personnel Training – Turnkey Installation
– Installation Supervision – O&M Manual Preparation
– System Commissioning – O&M/Service Contract

West Coast Solar Distribution FacilitySunWize West Coast distribution facility in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

SunWize Offers Reliable Solar Energy Solutions for Electric Power

SunWize Technologies, Inc. is backed by the reputation and financial stability of its parent company , one of the world’s oldest and largest trading companies with 864 subsidiaries in over 91 countries. Read the .

SunWize Facilities

Our engineering and manufacturing activities are housed in a 30,000 square foot (2,787 sq. M.) facility in Kingston, New York (photo at left) that also serves as our corporate headquarters, main distribution facility and the center of operations for the Industrial Power Group. The building is designed for the indoor outfitting of large telecommunication shelters and walk-in enclosures, independent of weather conditions.

Our Kingston facility also contains a comprehensive research and development laboratory facilitates new product development offering our customers more solutions to remote power problems. The Custom Solar Module lab was specifically designed for our proprietary manufacturing process.

In 2008, SunWize moved the Distributed Power Group headquarters to San Jose, California where it currently conducts it’s Product Distribution, Residential Systems and Commercial Systems operations. The Residential Power Systems Division, headquartered in San Jose, currently focuses on providing design, engineering, and installation services for residential and small commercial customers in California and Oregon and operates five regional offices. The Commercial Power Systems Division provides similar services to large commercial, government and industrial customers nationwide, with projects over 50kW.

In December 2007, SunWize acquired the former GenSelf Corporation – the largest solar electric installer with offices in the Coachella Valley and is currently headquartered in Tustin, California. The Residential Power Systems Division has also recently expanded its operations into Oregon. The first branch is located in Philomath near Corvallis, and serves the Interstate 5 corridor between Eugene and Portland and throughout the Willamette Valley.

For the convenience of our customers, we also maintain a 71,000 square foot (6,596 sq. M.) distribution warehouse in Rancho Cucamonga, California (photo left), providing same day shipping on the West Coast. We retain nineteen sales offices in the United States, and offices in Canada to support our solar customers in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We offer our customers in Latin America a Spanish language catalog, and dedicated field office.


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Residential Energy Services – The Green Home way

This site offers a lot of features. Most of the cover page is one of those fancy slick every changing happy pictures type power point presentations so I will spare you that, but they have a lot of really useful information so:

Save money and live more comfortably by increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

We make improvements to your entire home so you can:

  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Increase the comfort of your home
  • Breathe healthier air indoors
  • Help the environment!

Learn how we did it for 10,000 other families

Cash Incentives Available

We assist with all paperwork and help identify all applicable rebates

Learn more about government incentives

One Call… We Do It All!


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Residential Energy Services – This Resnet site is pretty cool

Sorry I had to put this website up piece meal, but it is so photo and graphic intensive that all I could manage is bits and pieces. As with all the posts this week I can not verify the veracity of these folks but they do seem comprehensive and have the customers best interests at heart.

RESNET professionals have
specialized energy efficiency training. 

RESNET: A name you can trust!

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Call: 760-806-3448

Looking for a: 

RESNET professionals have
specialized energy efficiency training. 


  • Find Raters and Auditors
  • » Search for Certified Energy Raters and Auditors


  • Find Contractors and Builders
  • » Search for ENERGYSMART Contractors & Builders


Sorry I could not capture the last 2 videos. You will just have to go to the site and watch them.

Why Should I Have My Home Rated? 

Watch Now

Why Hire EnergySmart Contractors?


Why Hire a Certified Rater?


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Residential Energy Services – Am I pimping for a new utility

I do not think so but you be the judge.

Illinois Electric Choice

Save on electricity by choosing Integrys Energy as your electric supplier

Enrollment is Fast, Easy, and Convenient

The fact is, Integrys Energy charges less per kilowatt-hour (kWh) than you’re paying now1 with Ameren or ComEd. Same reliable electricity, just a lower rate.

Take it step further. Switch your electric supplier to Integrys Energy and we’ll lock in a low rate for 12 billing cycles (24- and 36-month rates also available). The utility rate changed in June, and will change again in October, if you enroll with Integrys you’re assured your competitive price is locked all year. Guaranteed.

Switching to Integrys Energy is Easy

In about 10 minutes, you can start saving at least 8.5% on your electricity rate1.

  1. Grab your electric bill. You will need your Account Number and Name as it appears on your bill.
  2. Choose a Rate Plan below or call 1-888-688-1848.
  3. Click the ‘Enroll’ button and complete the online enrollment form.

A Leading Supplier of Power Throughout North America

  • One of the “World’s Most Admired Energy Companies” four of the past five years by Fortune Magazine®
  • Integrys Energy Services serves retail electric customers in the United States throughout the following Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs): IESO (IMO), ISO-NE, MISO, NY ISO, PJM.
  • Integrys Energy Services offers a full complement of power products and services that vary from market to market, which may include Full Requirements, Block and Index, Index Rate, Load Response, Renewable Energy Credits, Heat Rate


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Residential Energy Services – Trying to get back to our roots

This blog was really set up to parallel CES’ interest in the residential energy market. But I have ended up for one reason or another writing about nuclear disasters, the oil spill in the gulf last year and religion among other things. So this is an attempt to try to get back to our roots today.

Phone:  (440) 835-5735

Fax:  (440) 835-5780


  1. RES is now a certified LEED Verifier!   RES is now certified to support your efforts toward Green building design.  Click here to read more about the LEED Green Building Rating System™ and how your home or project can become LEED certified today.



  2. Home Energy Audits
  3. Residential Energy Services is an experienced consulting and analysis firm providing an accurate, effective, and user-friendly approach to improving your home’s energy consumption.  After a scheduled home energy test we provide the home owner with a Home Energy Evaluation Report of prioritized energy saving recommendations.  The homeowner can then decide what improvements they can make themselves and what may need to be addressed professionally through a third-party contractor.
  4. For more information on our Home Energy Audit Services, including our service area, pricing, and the Home Energy Audit process click here or on the link at the top of the screen.
  5. Builder Certification
  6. At Residential Energy Services, we also provide Energy Star Certification services to builders in the residential new construction industry.  A contract can be arranged to provide scheduled testing of new projects upon their completion.  For more information or to discuss the benefits of Energy Start Certification in new construction, please call us at (440) 835-5735.


And on Facebook:


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Residential Energy Services Around The Country

Home » Structures » Services » Residential Energy Services

Residential Energy Services

The average Michigan household spends more than $2,000 annually on energy bills. But with Clean Energy Structures’ assessments and tools, we can help you achieve lower energy bills, greater comfort and increased property values.


dot dot dot

Infrared Analysis

Infrared imaging is a powerful tool to detect insulation gaps, air leakage, and other hidden energy losses. This tool is most effective when combined with blower door testing. A full report including infrared and reference images with detailed captions will be provided.

Efficiency Verification + Contractor Coordination

Clean Energy Coalition can assist you as you implement energy efficiency upgrades in your home. Once you have completed a home energy assessment, we will make recommendations for specific, vetted contractors that will best fit your project. Our trained energy analyst will evaluate the installations and performance of these energy-saving upgrades and provide a report detailing the changes made in your home.

*$75 DTE Energy Rebate available


dot dot dot

Construction Consultation

Our trained staff will consult with you as requested to help make your residential construction project as energy efficient as possible.

Service Contact Information

Nick Helmholdt
Structures, Project Manager
734.585.5720 x13


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