Energy Efficiency In The Home – A fan sends me an excellent guide

I know it has been a while since I have put anything up about Residential Energy  Use, which is where this BLOG started out but we get requests from organizations to get a plug and so here you go. Tyler <> … Continue reading

Reducing Our Energy Consumption Is Job One – Here are some ways to do it

In a way the goal for a sustainable planet has always been peak energy, peak people and peak consumption at stable levels. These are ways towards peak energy. I suppose it is the easiest of the three. Powering the … Continue reading

Trump Tries To Stop Alternative Energy – He fails miserably

What can I say about Trumps environmental policies in general and his energy policies specifically that hasn’t been said before. They SUCK. The economic surge in their direction is so strong that they can’t be stopped. But will it be … Continue reading

We Waste 2/3rds Of The Energy We Generate – This is Tragic

America is in a double bind. We have some of the best energy research and technology in the world. But when we try to talk to the rest of the world about Climate Change. We look like FOOLS.   … Continue reading

Community Energy Systems Services

Currently we are offering consulting services. We consult with new home builders and other contractors to make sure that their planned buildings incorporate the latest tested energy conservation and efficiency measures. We consult with current home owners, landlords and other … Continue reading

Donate to Community Energy Systems

Contributions to Community Energy Systems are NOT tax deductible. If you are interested in helping Community Energy Systems achieve its goals contact us at Donate by check – send to: Community Energy Systems 948 E. Adams St. Riverton, IL 62561 Donate … Continue reading

About Community Energy Systems

Community Energy Systems formed with the intention of educating the public on today’s energy issues. Some of the things we hope to accomplish is the use of: State of the art energy devices. We hope to either inhabit or build … Continue reading

Welcome to Community Energy Systems

Community Energy Systems’ mission is to educate the public regarding energy conservation, energy efficiency, and the prudent and fair operation of utility companies. We believe that mission requires both intellectual and practical applications. See our complete Mission Statement. Seeking Donated Building Community … Continue reading