Mike Huckabee Wins – But its just here at this little blog

That’s right when comparing energy policies Mike Huckabee’s are the more aggressive. While John McCain has a detailed policy outlined in a speech in April of 2007, they are policies from the 80’s that haven’t worked.


While our man Mike, that swinging dude, wants the old US of A to be Energy Independent by 2016. That is really aggressive, but could he do it? Probably not but it would be fun to see him try.


I doubt that he is just saying it because neither his position nor McCain’s is going to make the Republican money men happy because they both believe in that “can’t be happening, and if it is we didn’t do it” (Bart Simpson) phenomonon called Global Warming.

 My guess is that because McCain is more moderate the Republicans will send Mike


fishing. We shall see. Tomorrow the Democrats.

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