Clinton and Obama Tie – First ever Co-Presidency declared

As has been pointed out many other places and many other times, THERE ARE NO differences between these candidates. At least on Energy Policy you can clearly see this. I mean if you are a policy wonk like me I could go through and say there are minor differences. If you are a policy wonk in the automobile industry I am sure you think that Hillary is tougher on cars than Barack is. If you are a policy wonk in the Oil and Gas game I am sure that you think Barack is tougher on oil than Hillary is. If you are a policy wonk on the Research and Development side of things you are looking forward to a very good 4 years NO Matter What. But for the average Joe on the street, they both have comprehensive energy policies that will change America forever.

What would have been nice, given that there are so few differences anyway, is if they would have run a positive Campaign instead of all the snarling and yelling. They are behaving like small children. Since they then have to run on IMAGE anyway, how much nicer it would have been if we would have gotten this:



Instead of this:


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