Feds Tax Credits For Solar Panels – One for every roof in America

If we had been this aggressive for the last 30 years. We would have a green economy and we would be skipping all of the problems we have right now. The world would have followed suit and our species would not be in the danger it is now. Grousing doesn’t help though..First the Tax Credits

Not there silly over here


Solar Energy Systems

Photovoltaic Systems Photovoltaic systems must provide electricity for the residence, and must meet applicable fire and electrical code requirement. 30% of cost Use IRS Form 5695 PDF Exit ENERGY STARMust be placed in service before December 31, 2016.


You’ll never guess who is doing it.


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Press releases

BP Solar to supply PV power systems for major retailer in California
22 April 2009

BP Solar lowers cost in drive toward grid-competitive electricity prices
31 March 2009

BP Solar to develop 37MW in projects for Long Island Power Authority
11 March 2009

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter dedicates new solar power system at CSU-Pueblo
13 January 2009

BP Solar announces completion of solar power pilot project
18 December 2008




Now they are real proud of it. What does the future hold?





Flexible Solar Panels – Consumer Ready Modules – OEM

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Silicon SolarSolar PanelsFlexible Solar Panels

Flexible Solar Panels: The lightest thin film flexible solar panels on today’s market are available from Silicon Solar.

Solar technology has reached its most convenient, lightweight form: the newly-engineered flexible solar panel. Silicon Solar is the proud carrier of over 50 modules of flexible solar panels, offered in a variety of sizes.

Through recent developments, Silicon Solar has provided ways of listing thin, light weight, flexible solar panels allowing for multiple applications to now be solar accessible that never were before.

Thin Film solar cells and panels now allow for several types of application to be introduced into the market including solar backpacks, solar thin film clothing and athletic apparel. We at Silicon Solar have taken these methods to the extreme and receive requests from customers who give us incentive and constructive feedback on developing new ways of utilizing this technology not only for them, but for you as well. Each flexible solar panel can be rolled up to 2 inches in diameter, making the paper thin solar cell one of the most durable and long lasting solar modules on the market.


It is jam band Friday tomorrow and the topic is Solar Water Heaters. I know you can’t wait.


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  2. You must think the consumers are morons. Why would anyone pay $20 per Watt for foldable chargers that fall apart under moisture (as they are based on CIGS), when poly- and monocrystalline foldable chargers are easily available for $10 per Watt or less?

  3. i was a moron once but then things got bad…i was more talking about the flexible product and the flexibility of its application. it is not necessary to expose them to moisture you now.

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