The Russian Dam Explosion – What is it about the Russians and the Power Business

I had intended to write about the Illinois State Fair today which is always a hoot. But this happened while I was on vacation and I just have to say something. Are the Russians stupid or criminal? I can’t make up my mind. First there was the greatest nuclear accident to date at Chernobyl which has its own Wikipedia page:

But now they give us the worst dam accident in modern times. Understand I am not talking about burst dams here. In the power business their are things that are dangerous like badly constructed coal fired plants and coal mines, then there are things that are considered safe like Hydro power. So the Russkies took a perfectly safe industry and killed (what?) 50 to 80 people off at one time. Was this a dam operated by by by Homer Simpson or something.

Monday Aug 17

10 die, dozens missing in Russian dam explosion

An accident during repair work at Russia’s largest hydroelectric plant on Monday killed at least 10 workers, while as many as 65 others were missing after an engine room was suddenly flooded, officials said.


But then they can’t even get the number of dead right.

Death toll rises in Russian dam explosion

Russian officials now say up to 76 people are feared to have died in the explosion at the country’s biggest hydro-electric power station on Monday.

64 people are still missing after the blast destroyed the power station’s main turbine hall.

The owners of the Sayano-Shushenskaya power plant in Siberia say it is unlikely any survivors will be found.

Neil Bowdler reports.

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What the hell man?

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