Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, Bidden, Dodd, Kucinich, Gravel? This is a Real Tough Call

Unlike the Republicans, ALL of the Democrat Presidential Candidates HAVE Energy Policies!

Disclaimer 1: Gravel’s Policy is so dislike the others that I am not sure it can be “compared” to anyone elses.

Disclaimer 2: I still can not get Dodd’s Energy Issues to open. Not sure whether its my computer or his, but its a windows issue so I am sure others are having the same problem.

Disclaimer 3: I am a Richardson Supporter.

Disclaimer 4: CES can not endorse political candidates! This is a statement about about whose Energy Policy is the best.

Having said that, There are very few differences between Obama, Bidden, Kucinich, and Richardson’s Energy Policies. They are agressive and huge. They vary in perspective and focus. Kucinich in particular gets huge kudos and hurrays for having an excellent section on the relationship between global warming, energy efficiency and WATER. Fact is the climate won’t kill us but the lack of fresh water will. Of course, fresh water will be what evaporates first as the globe continues to warm.

Also Bidden gets much praise for his aggressive approach to automobile and gasoline consumption.

Obama gets similar praise for including a plan to train poor and under educated young people in the green building trades so they can particpate in the new economy.

I pick Richardson’s Policies because he has a committment to stay ahead of the Kyoto accords by 10 years, his requirement that the Energy companies pay for it, and his EXPERIENCE as Energy Secretary. His opposition to any form of emissions is well know and thats what we have to do to survive. We Must Stop The Burning.

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