I Am Not Going To Get Into Solar Cookers – Just this one post and we must move on

I have done a whole 2 week meditation on solar cooking, drying and other energy light food preparation methods. That included gardening, canning, freezing and all manner of good foods that are good for you. I did not cover hunting and maybe the next time I will because  it doesn’t get more energy or cost effective than a bullet. They cost a quarter. BUT, since I mentioned solar cookers and there have been 2 huge natural disasters in the last few months in Chile and Haiti…I give you the Solar Cooker International project.


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Helping Haiti

In response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Solar Cookers International (SCI) has received numerous calls from donors and friends wishing to make contributions or otherwise support relief efforts in Haiti, particularly with the hopes of sending solar cookers and water pasteurization indicators (WAPIs) to the quake’s victims. We are inspired and encouraged that so many of you have recognized the vital role solar cooking and solar water pasteurization can play in these relief efforts.

SCI is now working with Sun Ovens International, Friends of Haiti Organization, and local NGO partners to bring much-needed solar cookers and WAPIs to the people of Haiti as the country begins its long road to recovery. Please contribute to this effort and help us bring simple, life-saving skills and technologies to a country suffering not only from a massive earthquake, but from never-ending poverty and lack of cooking fuel due to extreme levels of deforestation.

A $40 gift pays for a solar cooker, cooking pot, and WAPI for a Haitian family.

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Food is easily and conveniently cooked with solar energy as the “fuel” in devices called solar cookers (or solar ovens). Solar cookers are an ideal addition to any kitchen wherever there are predictable hours of sun many days of the year. Solar cooking and baking are easy. Solar cookers are safe around children and provide a great way to learn about and use solar energy. Solar cookers are clean, convenient, non-polluting and easy on the environment. And, for millions of people living in arid, fuel-scarce regions of the world, solar cookers can literally save lives. Read on …

For Immediate Release February 1, 2010 Sacramento, CA – Solar Cookers International announced today that Dolores Weis has joined the organization as its Executive Director, effective immediately. Ms. Weis brings eighteen years of humanitarian management experience across many countries and cultures,…
Thank you to everyone who responded to our call to help send CooKits, Pots and WAPI’s to Haiti. The response has been tremendous. We have raised the $8,000 needed for the first shipment. We will include more Cookits in a shipment schedueled for next month. All new donations earmarked for Haiti will …
Sacramento, CA, January 21, 2010 – Solar Cookers International (SCI), a not-for-profit organization founded in 1987, today announced the launch of the Haiti Project, which aims to send one complete solar cooking kit to at least 200 Haitian families that were devastated by the recent earthquake. The …
Solar Cooker System as “Most Meaningful Carbon Offset” Campaign Launched Sacramento, CA, November 24, 2009. Solar Cookers International (SCI), a not-for-profit organization founded in 1987, announced today the launch of “The most meaningful carbon offset is also the simplest” campaign. This campa…


There is not a whole lot more to say on the subject.


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