Unfortunately These Are PreFab Houses – They are not allowed everywhere

Still they are pretty cool…

The European Solar Decathlon Kicks Off Today – Exclusive Photos!

by Bridgette Meinhold, 06/18/10


Ready for another exciting competition in the world of prefab solar houses? Today the 2010 Solar Decathlon Europe kicked off in Madrid, Spain, marking the first time the competition has been hosted in Europe! Seventeen teams from around the globe are battling it out in the center of the city to see who has the most efficient solar powered and eco-friendly house. Just like the competition in Washington DC, the teams will be graded on their ability to minimize their energy use, innovative architecture and engineering, sustainability, and more. Read on for our exclusive photos and a first look at the most exciting houses in this year’s competition!

Above, the Fablab House from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is on their home turf for this competition and one of it’s most striking differences from the other houses is its departure from rectangular home. Solar panels completely cover the curvaceous roof and is built off the ground for a boost of natural ventilation

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Please see this amazing article and its great pictures. The American entry is from last year, but it is still awesome. 2 things to note. This not being critical either. 1, building codes in many areas prohibit the construction of prefab homes. The reasons range from protecting unions, to cutting competition against builders,  to bad experiences with crappy kits. 2, they are small compared to some standards. This is in part because they encourage people to live outside which is good for your health as well as encouraging socializing. But it is also the case that many people have gotten used way too much space for way to much STUFF. We are consuming the planet and we must stop.


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