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Versatile Origin Prefab from Blu Homes

By Preston Koerner | October 11, 2010 | topics: Prefab, Residential, Single-family


Shown is a new installation of three Origin series prefabs by Blu Homes.  Each with a mixture of standard and custom elements, these modules were installed behind a company co-founder’s existing home in Wayland, Massachusetts.  The prefab cluster is used as a photo studio, art studio, and media room and was built with radiant floor heating, cedar sunshades, a roof deck, galvalume siding, heat recovery ventilation, and bamboo flooring.


Anne Haney, spouse of Blu Homes co-founder Bill Haney, said, “I adore my new home studio – it’s modern, airy and bright. I no longer have to commute, pay rent, and we both get to see more of our kids,” according to a statement.

These completed Origin modules cost about $100,000 each, though the newly revamped Origin series starts from $82,000 for a shell and from $109,000 for a full home.

Origin is available in 18’x24′, 18×36′, and 18×48′ plans, with up to one bathroom and two bedrooms.  Blu also offers flat, shed, or gable roof lines.

Standard features include energy-efficient recessed lighting, Energy Star appliances, efficient ventilation, low-flow fixtures, and cement board siding.  Custom options include LED lighting, cedar v-groove siding, FSC certified floors, and cedar screens.


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