Matt Nicodemus takes me to task – Corection Due!

I don’t usually post on the weekend but… 

Matt Nicodemus, currently on Taiwan, and my favorite cousin sent me stuff for a Climate Teach In and I mistook it for the Graduation Pledge that Matt started years ago. Anyway I will let Matt tell you in his own words.

…I didn’t help to found the project!  I’m just passing along the info.  Now, if you want to run a correction at some point, you could tell folks that what I did co-found was the Graduation Pledge Alliance (, another education-related world-improving network of school programs that will also, like Focus the Nation, give students opportunities to better manifest their social-environmental values & visions through their life choices, especially those choices regarding careers and jobs.

Hoping I’ll be able to drop by your office one of these days and see what & who y’all have got going there,


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