Ray Merry is Working On the Great Expo

 2 of CES’ old friend got ahold of me recently and are working on very exciting projects, a global renewable conference/exhibit and a cheap silicon process for solar generation. For Google purposes I am going to list them seperately, first up:


GREAT Expo 2009 is going to be an awe-inspiring, grandiose, never before experienced single point of contact for the world-class industrial-giants, and the emerging and underdeveloped countries as well as businesses and individuals interested in moving forward the renewable energies industry. GREAT EXPO 2009 is splendid, grand and majestic in nature, creating a one of a kind point of gathering that can only be invoked by the idea of an Energy-Park in which all the latest technologies, heavy equipment and machinery of all nine sectors of renewable energy and Energy Efficiency will be showcased, including:

Agro Energy, Bio Energy, Hydro Energy, Hydrogen Fuels, Ocean Power, Geothermal Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Power, and Energy Conservation and Efficiency.

We expect equipment such as wind turbines and towers, dry/wet mill processing equipment, hydrogen and ethanol powered vehicles from the top distinguished firms (Le Mans, IndyCar Series, Toyota, BMW, GM, Honda, Tesla Motors), hydrogen powered motorcycles, hybrid watercraft, solar manufacturing equipment, solar energy innovations and much more to garrison at the Energy Park. It is in this sense that GREAT EXPO 2009 brings the software and hardware of the renewable energies industry under one roof.

GREAT EXPO 2009 brings, in its summit, all the programs and operating information useful to the renewable energies industry. The expo element of GREAT EXPO 2009 brings all the tools, machinery and physical components used in the renewable energies needed for an earnest and industrious effort towards a sustainable world.

GREAT EXPO 2009, to be held in Washington in Spring 2009, gathers the most prominent players in the renewable energies industry It is expected to attract over 45,000 professional visitors and political delegations, and 1,400 exhibitors from 180 countries. Visitors will represent all relevant parts of the decision-making chain – from engineers, purchasers, and analysts to political representatives and board members.

This is the only event that covers key aspects of all eight renewable energies market and Energy Efficiency, giving unparalleled access to business contacts and unique networking opportunities.

Do not miss the opportunity to present, exhibit or network at the world’s premier renewable energies and advanced technologies event.

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