Chris Robertson – Peak Sun Silicon

Another old friend has gotten into industrial applications for the production of Silicon: 

 Highest Conversion Efficiencies
If you want to offer your customers next-gen solar cell performance, Peak Sun Silicon delivers. Our electronic-grade polysilicon helps you achieve the highest conversion efficiencies in silicon solar cells.
Improved Net-Energy Payback Time
If you want to improve the net-energy payback time of the solar cells you manufacture, Peak Sun Silicon delivers. Our proprietary, fluidized-bed polysilicon manufacturing process uses about 80 percent less energy than conventional silicon processes. Because we use much less energy to make our silicon, you can more quickly pay back the manufacturing energy cost of your solar cells and modules.
Dependable and Experienced
If you want a dependable supply of polysilicon, Peak Sun Silicon delivers. Our management team has a proven track record in the semiconductor and solar energy fields. We’re committed to doing what it takes to deliver material to you on time and at a reasonable price to keep your factory running.The Result
More-productive solar-energy systems that meet the growing global energy demands of your customers — whether consumers or electric utilities — better and more cost effectively


You’re in business to serve your customers by giving them the best solar cells you can make. To achieve your objectives, you need a reliable granular form of silicon; high-speed, high-volume factory production; less material waste; and lower-cost source materials.

Peak Sun Silicon is a new entry in the polysilicon market, where global demand continues to rise steadily. Peak Sun Silicon offers the competitive advantages that you’re looking for, such as steady supply, high conversion efficiency, and availability in a form that simplifies the manufacture of solar-electricity generating equipment.

The founder of Peak Sun Silicon offers nearly 30 years of experience in the semiconductor equipment and materials industry. And other leaders in the company are prominent in the solar-cell manufacturing and sustainable-development communities.

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