Spring Gardening Can Mean Work For You – Or it can mean work for them

Gardening is kind of hard to define. Some people would call this landscaping but not if you did it yourself.


At the core of Ecogardens mission is a dual responsibility, to the earth and to our clients, to provide quality landscaping services that minimize environmental impact. Sustainability begins when a client chooses from among our diverse services to satisfy their unique artistic and functional needs.

For each step – Design, Build, and Maintain – we research and utilize the latest industry technologies and techniques to promote energy-efficiency, resource conservation and biodiversity.

We emphasize our green roof and rooftop garden services for their potential to expand outdoor living spaces and improve the quality of our environment. The results are landscapes as safe as they are attractive, to be enjoyed with a clear conscience and easy mind.

As a member of the Chicago Sustainable Business Alliance and a partner of the GreenScapes Alliance, we encourage industry-wide sustainability. We also realize that we are but one member in a larger team effort toward responsible coexistence with urban communities and the environment. As such, our greenBacks program allows us to assist not-for-profit organizations in their own work toward a shared, sustainable future.

At Ecogardens, everyone experiences the height of green


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