Windows Are For Losers – If you want to see the outdoors go outside

OKOKOK so that may seem a little extreme. Rammed Earth houses commonly have glass faces facing south. The owners still have to curtain them for half of the year. Light tunnels are a way to bring sunlight into the house and direct it to any task, with much less resulting heat gain.

Skylights and Light Tunnel Links

The Skylight Guy

The Skylight Guy distributes Natural Light Energy System’s tubular skylights and solar powered attic fans.  These skylights are built to last and perform flawlessly… truly the “Contractor’s choice”! offers a variety of electric and solar-powered ventilators to help reduce dangerous attic heat build-up.  They are also a certified dealer of Solatube tubular skylights!

Solatube International

Solatube International manufactures “tubular” skylights, allowing you to introduce natural light into darker areas of your home without using any electricity!  

Sun Tunnel Skylights

The Sun Tunnel is a skylight that allows light to enter a room through a lens on the roof. The light travels down a shaft to a ceiling-mounted glass plate. Lots of light and no loss of heat. Check it out!


SUN TUNNELS: Rigid and Flexible
SUN TUNNEL Skylights
Easiest and Most Affordable Way to
Utilize the Beauty of Natural Light

The unique Flexi-tube design allows installation for those hard to get at places.

The SUN TUNNEL™ Flexi-tube skylight system is becoming the industry leader in natural lighting. Affordable, efficient, and easy to install, the SUN TUNNEL™ is perfect for lighting your hallway, bathrooms, kitchen or anywhere that needs more natural light.
The SUN TUNNEL™ is available in 14″ or 21″ with the patented flexible tubing which allows the unit to go around virtually any attic obstructions unlike other lighting systems. 

 Rigid models  available in a 10″ or 14″ and a rigid SUN TUNNEL™ is nearly as bright as a 21” flexible tunnel.  The rigid tubing gives the greatest light brightness and dispersion.


Look if you really really need to see out side put in 4 portholes (N,S,E, and W) and open them up once in awhile. 




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