Cool Sites For Earth Day – Since I rant about the Environment everyday

I try to make Earth Day fun. (Pssst..It’s such a nice day out I am actually just looking to get out the door)


to ARKive, a unique collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world’s species.

You can explore and search ARKive’s continually expanding multi-media collection via the
navigation bar at the top of every page.


In the news

In the news: World celebrates Earth Day 2009 World celebrates Earth Day 2009.

What’s new in ARKive

Porbeagle, caught as by-catchRare image of the Vulnerable porbeagle.

Eggstra, eggstra, read all about it!

Peacock butterflies mating, laying eggs and caterpillars hatchingPeacock butterflies lay eggs on nettle leaves, once hatched the caterpillars remain together in groups.


About Conservation Central
Conservation Central is a habitat education program, presented by Fujifilm, our Partner in Conservation Education. This program explores the temperate forest, home of the giant panda and black bear, through the following online activities.


Arizona Educators, Students
and Families, Welcome to
The Green Frog News!

At The Frog, you will find events, lessons, activities
and other resources to help you, and your students
or children learn about science, the environment,
and social studies.  

For the past seven years, the mission of The Frog website has been to
disseminate educational publications, products and resources that support
families, and classroom and home school educators.  
The Green Frog News is
locally owned and operated.

The new season of the Department’s Emmy-winning television show, Arizona
Wildlife Views, is beginning this week. If you are in the Phoenix area, the first
episode will air on PBS (Channel 8) on Sunday, January 18, at 5pm. It will run at
the same day and time for 13 weeks. In all other markets, you will need to check
with your local listings (for a list of channels visit


Ocean Oasis, a giant-screen film, is a fascinating journey into the bountiful seas and pristine deserts of two remarkably different, but inextricably linked worlds — Mexico’s Sea of Cortés and the Baja California desert.

What powerful geologic forces collided to carve out this unique region? What drives the strong currents that make this ocean so unusually rich in nutrients? How does life thrive in a seemingly barren landscape? Ocean Oasis mesmerizes us with revealing and memorable scenes that explore these mysteries.

Glide side-by-side with a graceful giant manta ray as it arches and swoops through water sparkling under the hot Baja California sun. Witness the pageant of migrating whales, the elaborate tango of courting terns, the battles of lumbering elephant seals. Fly over sweeping vistas of snow-capped mountains, vast deserts, palm oases, and mangrove swamps — then plunge into astonishing underwater sequences of rarely seen marine life.

In the making of this extraordinary film, a team of gifted and dedicated scientists explored unknown territories, sometimes at great personal risk. They trekked, flew, and dove to unveil intriguing secrets of isolated areas on land, in the air, and beneath the sea. Now audiences who would never otherwise see these remote wildernesses can experience their captivating beauty and elusive wildlife.

Ocean Oasis is both visually stunning and provocative, compelling in its message that this little-known region is a treasure worth preserving.

Proceeds from Ocean Oasis will support conservation, education, and research in the Baja California peninsula and the Sea of Cortés.

Ocean Oasis DVD, VHS, and soundtrack available through the San Diego Natural History Museum Store.

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