Wind Power 2009 In Chicago – It is the last day and I thought I would at least put up something

I checked the Tribune – nothing. I checked the Sun Times – nothing. I googled and got several up and coming Wind Power Conventions/Conferences – nothing:

Wind Power Asia

Wind Power Transmission

Small Wind Conference

This one that happened in Chicago in MARCH:

The Oil Drum won’t load up:

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Fucking geniuses

In desperation I started reading Peak OIL. By God they came through:

Thankyou Coyote

Reuters too of course:

Some Americans clamor to try wind power at home

Wed May 6, 2009 6:30pm EDTBy Andrew Stern

CHICAGO (Reuters) – The idea of wind turbines churning out free electricity alongside every home and office building has appeal, judging by the throngs around “community wind” purveyors at a Chicago wind power convention this week.

Darrin Russell of Southwest Windpower was inundated with questions during the Windpower 2009 convention where he explained the economics of the company’s workhorse 2.4 kilowatt Skystream turbine, which plugs into the local electrical grid.

“It’s nice watching the (electricity) meter go backward. Sometimes it gets going pretty fast when the wind blows hard” which it does often at the company’s headquarters in Flagstaff, Arizona, he said.

Russell paid practically nothing for his own turbine, which costs roughly $14,000 to buy and install, thanks to a newly enacted 30 percent federal tax credit for wind projects large and small, state tax credits and rebates of up to $9,000 from many utilities eager to promote renewable energy. The first month his electricity bill was zero.

The company sells to business, homeowners and developers.

“Some companies like to line them up outside instead of flags” to promote their green credentials, he said. “Helps keep their offices cool at least.”

Retailers can draw in environmentally conscious customers if they have a wind turbine outside, experts say.

Potential buyers from Chile, South Korea and the state of Michigan flocked around Southwest Windpower’s olive-green machine with three distinctively curved blades, designed to cut noise. Russell said the company has sold 5,000 small turbines in the past two years, and 150,000 in total.


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