Earth Awareness Fest Turns 100 Tomorrow – OK so maybe it’s like 16 or 17

(jam band Friday-  )

But it seems like the Environmentalists have been hollering STOP for that long. I know that I promised white roofs today but we will just have to wait for Monday OK.


Presentations at the Earth Awareness Fair

Prairie Capital Convention Center

Sustainable Community Forum

Saturday, May 30 2009

10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.

Speakers in PCCC breakout rooms downstairs

Room A

10:30    CFLs, Home Energy Efficiency & Carbon Footprint Explained – CWLP Energy Services Office

11:30                            Solar, Wind and Alternative Energy Sources

                                    Michelle Marley, WindSolar USA

12:30                            Geothermal Heating and Cooling – Richard Hiles,

                                    Henson Robinson Company and Climate Master

1:30                              An Inconvenient Truth/Global Warming & Positive Developments

                                    Sister Sharon Zayac, Jubilee Farm & Jim Johnston, Sustainable Springfield


2:30                              Local Environmental Organizations/Volunteer Opportunities

Room B

10:30                            Rain Gardens Dave Kiliman, Master Gardener,

                                    University of Illinois Extension

11:00                            Food Systems and Urban Planning

                                    Deanna Glosser, Environmental Planning Solutions


                                    Community Gardening

                                    Kristi Kenney, IL Department of Agriculture         

12:00                            Back Yard Composting & Vermicomposting

                                    Jennifer Fishburn, Horticulture Educator

                                    University of Illinois Extension

1:00                              Rainwater Harvesting: Rain Barrels, Greywater & Water Conservation                                          

                                    Austin Grammer, Prairie Rain Harvester, Inc


There is a lady who thinks that all that glitters is gold ohhhhh


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