Race Between Gobal Warming And Peak Oil – Hilarious take on it

I rarely post on a weekend BUT I have been doing those dreary tax credits for the last week and I may have a week or more to go so for a day let’s do funny. Plus I never thought I would be linked to ESPN. Crikey.


The Ultimate Ultimate Race

by Luke Cypher

And that was great news for Peak Oil! With low, low prices, there’s no profit motive, which means no reason to explore for more oil, which means sooner or later, an inevitable demand spike will be met by crippling shortages, leading to the end of civilization!

But Global Warming wasn’t going to be outdone, and was actually more impressive, when you look inside the numbers, which is the way we live now. This winter may have seemed cold, if you were a fan of the Bowdoin Polar Bears or Plattsburgh State Cardinals — and really, what right-thinking American isn’t? But the average U.S. temperature from December through February was half a degree above normal! And don’t even start on Down Under, because that’s a lot of prepositions. The Wilkins Ice Shelf crumbled like A-Rod‘s reputation, and Australia contained its wildfires about as well as Roger Clemens put out his. To complete the bad metaphor fest (because, like celebrity deaths, they always seem to come in threes), Global Warming was en fuego!


They have been having fun with it for a long time:



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