David Rat-cliffe – But with a name like that why is he 8th on the list

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See my list of 17 would have just included the industry heads…And I may do my own list at some point. There are no Petrochemical company heads here. There are no refinery heads listed here. There are no lumber company heads here. There are few financiers here. There are some enablers and that is good because they get overlooked. But I think they’re included them here for the shock value.


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This guy would have been at the top of my list. He runs one of the most despicable companies on the planet. Southern Company’s pollution contributions percentage wise are on par with China, India, South Africa and Brazil. But here he is 8th.


Ratcliffe joined Georgia Power as a biologist in 1971. At Georgia Power he coordinated environmental monitoring and compliance programs in and around power plants.

A native of Tifton, Georgia, Ratcliffe received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Valdosta State University in 1970. He received a law degree from Woodrow Wilson College of Law in 1975 and is a member of the Georgia Bar Association.

Ratcliffe is a member of the following boards:

  • Edison Electric Institute (Director) (Vice Chair; Chair Elect 6/2008-6/2009)
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (Director 2002-2007; Chair, 2004-2006)
  • CSX Transportation (Director)
  • Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education
  • Georgia Chamber of Commerce (Chair, 2005)
  • Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
  • Georgia Research Alliance (Chair, 2005-2006)
  • Woodruff Arts Center (Trustee; Chair, 2004 Campaign)


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So without further adieu (sorry bad joke):


The Power Player
David Ratcliffe
CEO, Southern Company

Ratcliffe, the head of America’s second-dirtiest electric utility, has assembled an army of 63 lobbyists — almost twice as many as any other company — to defeat climate legislation. It’s a pro-carbon dream team, anchored by Jeffrey Holmstead of Rudy Giuliani’s law firm, who worked on behalf of utilities like Southern as a top clean-air official under George W. Bush. The reason for the lobbying blitz: Southern burns a lot of coal — its largest plant produces more carbon pollution than all of Brazil’s power plants combined — and new limits on emissions being considered by the Senate could cost the utility some $400 million a year. That’s why Ratcliffe continues to deny the reality of global warming: “I don’t believe there’s an impending catastrophe,” he says, insisting that the environment will simply “adapt to changing realities.”

“The value of his stock trumps everything,” says Carl Pope, head of the Sierra Club. “It’s hard to imagine a more cynical attitude. But no doubt he genuinely sees it that way — his bottom line is the measure of the world.”


Thank god it’s the weekend. I feel like I need to take a shower.

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