John McCain Wanted To Be President – Now he wants to be a climate killer

It’s Election Day tomorrow in Illinois so I must be brief. First the Kings of Leone won best album so I should put them up:

John McCain is mad at the country because we picked a socialist over him. Actually Barack ran as a moderate Republican so he got beat by his own party, but that is another story. Here is the case:

The Climate Killers

Meet the 17 polluters and deniers who are derailing efforts to curb global warming


The Flip Flopper
Sen. John McCain
Republican, Arizona

McCain has been one of the Senate’s biggest climate champions since 2003, when he introduced a bill with Joe Lieberman to create a “cap and trade” system similar to the one currently being debated. But since losing the presidency to Barack Obama, McCain is taking his pique out on the planet. He’s now threatening to roadblock the very measure he once introduced, lying about its cost and distorting its goals. “What the Obama administration has proposed is not cap-and-trade,” McCain says. “It’s cap-and-tax.” He’s even trash-talking a bipartisan alternative by GOP colleague Lindsey Graham, calling it “horrendous.”

Although McCain frames his newfound stance as opposition to what he portrays as a $630 billion tax on corporate America, the measure as revised by the House actually provides the energy industry with more than $690 billion in pollution subsidies.


Go vote…Go vote … Go vote….


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