So Who Wins For the Republicans? Keyes, Tancredo, Colbert, Hunter, Brownback (now withdrawn), Paul, Huckabee, Guilliani, Thompson, McCain or Romney?

My God in Heaven! Just listing the Candidates is exhausting. What is not exhausting is reading their Energy Policies! Fully half of them have none. The so-called values candidates can not govern as a result, and thus they are unelectable. They will drop like flys in the coming weeks, as Brownback has shown. No energy policy no Presidency!

Of the remainder, most of their policies either are vague or confused or worse yet confuse the environment and energy policies. Saving our forests is nice but what does that have to do with the production and consumption of gasoline. They remind me of Hillary Clinton’s policy statement, “I mean come on we have to say something” paragraph of feel good mush.

So for the record Gov. Mike Huckabee has the best most detailed Energy Policy of the Republican Presidential candidates. As I keep having to say this is not an endorsement! This is policy analysis of the printed materials from the candidates web sites. Not mailers, not speeches and not print interviews. The thing is, especially with the Republicans, they say things in speeches and in person that they do not back up in policy statements – because they fear many of their voters would abandon them.

What is special about Huckabee is that he calls for energy independence for the USA in 8 years!! Can he do that? I have my doubts, but it is great hearing somebody say it. Thanks Mike. 

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