BP’s Massive Oil Gusher – I’ve got my doubts about the Dylan Ratigan Report

Nicholas Pousey (spelling uncertain) and Matt Simmons were on the Dylan Ratigan Program 2 days ago and they claim that the REAL Oil gusher is several miles away and is gushing at a rate of 50,000 barrels of oil a day. They say that PB was probably right in saying that the riser is probably only gushing 5,000 barrels as they predicted. The discrepancy between the oil that is seen and the predicted oil is this second leak. It has been reported that this is BP’s second borehole on this lease. The last one had to be abandoned…Did that drill hole blow out? If so the gulf is doomed. They also reported as I did weeks ago that a supertanker could be sucking all this stuff up and trans shipping it. What screw ups. I am terrible at putting up Video but here is the link to the Youtube recording.


Dylan Ratigan On MSNBC

More next week.


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