What Do G.E. and Chevron have in Common besides being Environmental Pricks?

When you type “Hot Environmental Topics” into google search, they are the FIRST TWO websites that pop-up. I am not kidding! So I clicked on the first link. The contradictions are amazing:


The page you go in at is all gushy about the future but when you click on their global warming page whoa does the corporate speak snap into play?

Q. What is Chevron’s position on The Kyoto Protocol?

A. The Kyoto Protocol assigns mandatory emission limits of greenhouse gasses to signatory nations. We support the intentions of Kyoto in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and respect the individual countries that have made the decisions to sign. However, while we support the global engagement that it envisions, we believe it focuses on signing up many countries rather than truly engaging the 10 – 12 critical emitting countries. Further, we think it asks for emission reductions that are too aggressive too quickly, given the technologies that are currently available. Finally, we don’t think the economic consequences are fully outlined.

Q. Does Chevron support measures such as California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32)?

A. In 2006, California Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act. The legislation seeks to cap California’s greenhouse gas emissions at 1990 levels by 2020.

Again, we support the intentions of the state in reducing GHG emissions. But we believe that effective mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions can only occur at a global level, given that climate change is a global issue. This requires coordinated national frameworks, and fragmented actions by individual states have the potential for undue economic costs without effectively mitigating the climate change risk.

We have experience with state–by–state and region–by–region regulatory approaches, and these have not been favorable to consumers.


When you click on General Electric’s web site you get very pretty animated stuff. Do these guys have bucks or what?


But the first thing they offer up is CLEAN COAL TECHNOLOGY! Sorry Caz I wish I was a good enough blogger to put up the video but this is the link:


Everyone should ask google how this is possible? Especially after they announce that they are going to spend big bucks on clean energy production??????

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