Mira-Cool is a fraud and a scam – Please see my letter to the SJ-R below

I was wrong in one respect. The Cool Surge which was last years ploy to rape this market was actually a little swamp cooler, which might have some basis in fact, if you live in death valley. However these new babies are straight up theft. As a friend of mine put it, why not just fill up a bucket with ice and let your fan blow over it. Or as my mom says, just stand at your kitchen sink and run cold water over your wrists. Either one is more effective than this stupid machine.



State Journal Register

One Copley Plaza

Springfield, IL 62701

Emailed – 8/2/10

Dear Editor:

The full page ad in the July 21st edition of the SJ-R is a scam if not a fraud. The title promises air conditioners but the devices are actually fans. These devices were called Cool Surge last year now they are called Mira-Cool. The first thing to note is they offer free devices. This is probably the largest part of the scam because everyone will call in to try to get the free ones, and I guarantee they will be “out of them”. This lets the operators create a nationwide “suckers list” which they can use to sell other scams.

The devices consist of nothing more than a fan and several “cold packs” that you freeze in your freezer. You insert the packs in the device and then the fans blow cool air back at you. They cost well over $200 a unit to purchase, yet for $140 you by an energy efficient air conditioning window unit that will cool a single room for pennies. For $40 dollars you can buy the fan and the cold packs yourself and achieve similar results. But it is a really bad idea from an economic standpoint. I mean you are using your freezer (expensive) to freeze the packs, and your electricity to power the fan.

The bigger issue is how effective would this “cooling effect” really be? If your room is say 80 or 90 degrees, it would take all the stored cold out of the freezer packs in a very short time. Then the temperature goes back up while you are refreezing the cold packs. They could never cool a room to anything like a comfortable temperature and this puts at risk any seniors or other people, susceptible to high heat, at risk of dieing. Be smart. Buy an efficient air conditioner. Cool a single room and save your health and a heck of a lot of money.

Doug Nicodemus

948 e. adams st.

riverton, IL  62561




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