Cool Interactive Sketch Of A House – I do not know if I can get it up

This is a first for me. I found this cool house done by Georgia State University’s Physics Department. I do not know if the Interactive part of it will hold because my HTML skills are nonexistent, but if not please go to the site below and play with it.


Household Energy Use

This is an active graphic. Click on any energy use for details. When the need to conserve energy in your house is considered, then the focus should be mainly on heating and cooling processes. They are the major uses of energy. Hot water heating is also a sizable use of energy, as is the cooking process with surface unit and oven. The use of energy by a refrigerator is significant, and the lighting process for a whole house becomes a significant energy use. Electronic appliances on the whole use a small amount of energy, and are not a major part of energy conservation initiatives.
Comment on energy cost Energy units
Table of insulation R-values

Heat transfer concepts

Heat transfer examples

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