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Domestic energy consumption

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Domestic energy consumption is the amount of energy that is spent on the different appliances used within housing. The amount of energy used per household varies widely depending on the standard of living of the country, climate, and the age and type of residence. In an average household in a temperate climate the yearly use of household energy can be composed as follows:

Average domestic energy consumption per household in temperate climates
Heating 12000 kW·h/yr (1400 watts)
Hot water 3000 kW·h/yr (340 watts)
Cooling/refrigeration 1200 kW·h/yr (140 watts)
Lighting 1200 kW·h/yr (140 watts)
Washing and drying 1000 kW·h/yr (110 watts)
Cooking 1000 kW·h/yr (110 watts)
Miscellaneous electric load 600 kW·h/yr (70 watts)

Note that for households in the developing world these overview data are incorrect (area heating almost reduced to zero, and less and different consumption of energy).[clarification needed]

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