Household Energy Consumption – Kerosene, dung and candles

Yesterday I put up a pitiful page from wikipedia about household consumption probably in the USA or maybe even for the “Developed World”. They were not real clear about that. But what a diference it makes being in a country that has adequate (though old) eletric and natural gas distribution systems.

Rural household energy consumption in Bangladesh

Md. Danesh Miah, et al.

, Energy Policy, Volume 38, Issue 2, February 2010, Pages 997-1003, ISSN 0301-4215, DOI: 10.1016/j.enpol.2009.10.051.

Energy is one of the most important ingredients required to alleviate poverty and realize socio-economic and human development, which is directly interconnected to the prominence of life in rural areas. An extensive survey on household energy consumption pattern interrelating socio-economic and demographic factors was carried out in the disregarded villages of Bangladesh using stratified random sampling technique of 120 households.

This paper focuses on household energy consumption, various combinations of fuels and their expenditure in the study area. Biomass, kerosene, electricity, LPG and candle were found as the energy carrier used in the rural households in this study. The study shows that 92% households use biomass, 28% LPG, 89% kerosene, 78% electricity and 27% candle as fuel types. It was found that 56% households collected biomass from their own homesteads and/or agricultural lands. Bamboo, branches, cow dung, firewood, rice husk, leaves & twigs and straw were found as the biomass for household energy use.

Average monthly household expenditure for total energy was US$ 9.67 (SE, 0.31) per month while the total monthly income of the household was US$ 123 (SE, 2.53). The ratio of the total monthly energy expenditure to the total monthly income was 7.86%. The study will be helpful to understand the energy consumption system and its expenditure in the rural areas of Bangladesh and to the policy formulation for energy production, consumption and utilization


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