Home Energy Usage – Why can’t I get my power from Nebraska

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Electric Usage In Your Home

Energy Efficiency – Information, Calculators, and Recommendations

Pie chart showing how energy is used in an averge home with four family members.There Are Many Ways You Depend On Electricity

As your electric supplier, we’ve developed this brochure to help you determine your electric usage. We hope this will help you use your electricity as efficiently as possible.

This graph shows how energy is used in an average home with four family members. Your use may vary depending on your lifestyle, the size of your family and the size, age and efficiency of your appliances. The amount used also varies with the weather and the amount of insulation in your home’s walls and ceiling.
Appliances that are manufactured today are typically much more efficient. As appliances age, their efficiency decreases. Knowing the age and life expectancy of your electric appliances can help you understand your electrical use.

Average Life Expectancy In Years
Air Conditioner 18
Clothes Washer 8-10
Clothes Dryer 14
Dishwasher 11
Electric Range 12
Electric Water Heater 10-12
Freezer 15-20
Heat Pump 16
Refrigerator 15
Television 11-12

If your appliances are at or nearing the end of their expected life, you may plan ahead. When replacing old appliances pay particular attention to energy efficiency. In most cases, the energy-efficient choice will save you money.

Look for the energyguide labelEnergy Guide Label
To promote conservation, the Federal Government requires manufacturers of large appliances to display energy information. The ENERGYGUIDE is designed to assist you in deciding what appliance would be less expensive to operate over the lifetime of the appliance.

Note: These figures are based on an electric price of 8.14¢ per kWh


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