Moving On To National Issues for Awhile – The Gulf of Mexico is still screwed up

If the Exxon Valdez incident is any example the Gulf will be damaged for 20 years and most of the people who had direct contact with the oil will be dead. Generally this is a crime with nobody in jail.


Bio Hazard : Mississippi Beach littered with possibly Bio-hazardous dead dolphin chunks

by Michele on November 1, 2011

Click the link to see more of these pictures by Laurel Lockamy  : This is Disgraceful … instead of proper disposal of dead Marine mammal’s they bury potentially Bio Hazardous pieces of them all over this Mississippi beach

I am disgusted by what I am seeing … What are these people thinking… A Government report was just released stating that 5 of 21 dolphins that they’ve tested so far died from a  a Bacteria known as Brucella…. Yes it can be transmitted to humans as well as domestic animals… While Brucella is a naturally occurring bacteria these scientists involved in the study feel that either the bacteria has mutated in to a more viralent and Lethal Strain  after being exposed to Crude Oil and Dispersants  from the BP Oil Disaster .. or possibly that the Dolphins immune systems have been so compromised from the continuing environmental stressors related to the BP Oil Disaster that they can no longer fight off what would otherwise for the most part have been a non- lethal infection.. Wake up people The Gulf is not better than before the spill and the ongoing death and destruction continue daily from La.- Fl. Please stay out of the water,and DO NOT EAT GULF SEAFOOD !!!!

Here is Stuart Smith’s latest article on the subject > Government Scientists Tie BP Spill to Dolphin Die-Off in Gulf – And Suggest Humans Also Could BeAffected

Here is the link to the CNN report Bacteria linked to deaths of bottlenosed dolphins

Going to include this link to more info on Brucella : Welcome to Brucella Bioinformatics Portal

NRDC ‘s Rocky Kistner’s latest for the Huffington Post: As Dolphins Die, Gulf Residents Ask What About Us?



More national news tomorrow.


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