Changing Behavior

Friends, Family and sometimes even a stranger on the street will ask me why I am always talking about Burning Behavior or using examples of people that I claim are burning their stuff up. Well, one, its because they are. And two if you consciously THINK about a behavior before you do it you can stop it or you can say to yourself yes I need to do this now but maybe not tomorrow if I plan ahead. For instance everytime I get in my car I think, Do I need to start this car? Lots of time I don’t even put the key in the ignition. I get out and go do something else. Why?

Well I run this thought experiment through  my head. Imagine if you will, that your tail pipe of your car has a real long flexible plastic hose on it. Imagine that the hose goes through a hole in your window (the pipe is seal so nothing can come back out the window) and lays on your living room flour. All the carbon soot, exhaust gases, unspent gasoline, and water coming from your car engine goes directly in your house. Say you do 20 or 30 miles of driving. What do you think your living room would look like when you got home. Do you think you could even go in and LIVE? It would be a mess. Even after you “aired the place out” that new car smell would probably linger for days.

The point being that if you think about it like that you drive less, and if everyone drove less the Earth would be a better place. Think about every burning behaior you do and quit one. Its easy.

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