The Sun Blew Up – Twice to be exact

This just means that global warming will be worse this winter and by next year there will no longer be deniers. But this just means it is too late.

Sun Fires Off 2 Huge Solar Flares in One-Two Punch

by Tariq Malik, Managing Editor
Date: 07 March 2012 Time: 07:03 AM ET

UPDATE: See’s latest news on this massive solar flare event here:¬†Biggest Solar Storm in Years Is Bombarding Earth Now

The sun unleashed a cosmic double whammy Tuesday (March 6), erupting with two major flares to cap a busy day of powerful solar storms. One of the flares is the most powerful solar eruption of the year, so far.

Both of the huge flares ranked as X-class storms, the strongest type of solar flares the sun can have. They followed several weaker, but still powerful, sun storms on Tuesday and came just days after


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