Energy Tough Love (practice 1)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Energy Tough Love
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I am starting this here but i hope to eventually hook up with Community Energy Systems web so i can continue writing there. The whole point of this blog is that the people’s of the world have to learn how to quit DIGGING things up or CUTTING things down and burning them.

By this I mean that burning coal, uranium, natural gas and wood has let us to a dead end as a civilization. But it is hard to stop burning stuff up because its so easy to do. In fact fires start spontaneously which means that it must be real easy to do. But its bad for us and its bad for the planet so we must stop. Yet like many easy things that you do it is hard to just quit so i am going to store comments here that point to the way to do that.

By the way I live in Riverton a little tiny town in Central Illinois and no I am not on a rampage against lawn mowers and barbeque grills…at least not just yet…more on that later. It is Suday  August the 5th 2007. Any comment are welcome

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