Everyone Takes A Traditional View Of The Economy – They see the death of new energy markets – a replacment post for 12/03/08

But we know that is all Capitalist Mythology. The Economy is what we want it to be and what the government tells it to be. We all used to travel by horse (or animal). Then the government ordered Steamships and we all traveled by steamships. Then the government order Trains and we all traveled by train. Then the government ordered Cars and now we all get around in Cars. The idea that this is some kind of natural evolution is just silly. Well the same is true of energy use.


Will Alternative Energy

Run Out Of Gas?

Clean-Energy Field Getting

Bitten By Credit Crisis, But Long-Term

Trends Point In Its Favor

(CNET) By Martin LaMonica

People in the alternative energy business have said repeatedly there are “great fundamentals” driving their businesses, namely high fossil fuel prices, supportive government policies, and growing environmental awareness.

Now some of the pillars underpinning green technologies are wobbling. Oil prices have plummeted more than 50 percent since the summer, making traditional energy sources look a lot more affordable than they did six months ago for businesses and consumers alike. And the global credit crisis that has sucked the wind out of the economy has done damage to the funding of alternative energy projects as well.

The hardest hit by a freeze or reluctant lending are renewable energies which are already commercial, or on the cusp of getting there. These aren’t cheap little startups we’re talking about: Constructing a biofuels plant costs upwards of a $100 million while connecting a solar power plant, capable of powering tens of thousands of homes, is in the range of $500 million and $800 million, depending on the size. In the current credit market, it’s tough to come up with that money.

But don’t write off clean tech as another casualty of the souring economy quite yet. Today’s clean energy field is a lot more resilient than in the days of the 1970s oil price shock for one simple reason – society’s priorities have changed since then. Climate change and energy security are front-page issues that still command the attention of consumers, businesses, and politicians, regardless of the economy.


What they always forget are the jobs created by implementing new technologies and the externalities to be gained. No carbon production: Good! We all live. But then if you are a coal company, an oil company or own carbon related energy production this is evil thinking.


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