Cool Surge – Another fraud just like the Amish Heater

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What has happened to the newspaper business? Has corporate greed simply run amuck or has 30 years of deregulation simply inured us to the type of fraud you used to find in the back of comic books. You know the kind that advertises “X-Ray Glasses” – with the caveat that “you see what you imagine when you put them on”. Back then the sums of money involved were so small and the companies were so hard to find that the Feds didn’t even bother with tracking them down. Anyway they served as a valuable education tool for children – “advertising is nothing but skillful lieing”. But the Ad in the State Journal Register was a part of a national campaign that must have cost MILLIONs of $$$, was targeted at old people and as one commenter said, “could costs the lives of the elderly in a heat wave”. See for yourself:

coolsurgetower The morning paper had another of those full-page ads.  You know, the ones that look like newspaper articles but have “advertisement” in tiny print somewhere on the page.  According to the Cool Surge website:

The Cool Surge eco-friendly air cooler is a work of engineering genius from the China coast so advanced that no windows, vents or freon are required. It is as easy to use as a baby’s vaporizer and even includes the four hour extra cooling power of the glacier ice blocks. It uses the same electricity as a 60 watt light bulb, yet it blasts out ice cooled air. The hi-efficiency motor cools the air around the unit up to ten degrees so you’ll instantly feel cool and refreshed. The 3 cooling levels and auto shut off function put all the comfort controls right at your finger tips. It’s so impressive that it even comes with a full year Money Back Guarantee.

A 60-watt ventless air conditioner?  Yeah, right.  It’s a fan that blows air over “glacier ice blocks” which you have to freeze in your freezer.  The freezer uses all the electricity, not the fan.  And since the whole system (fan + refrigerator) is ventless, it makes your house WARMER, not cooler.  That is, the fan blows cool air in your face, while your refrigerator makes the kitchen warmer.  On average, the house gets warmer.


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So essentially what the machine does is blow air over an icepack that you freeze in your freezer. This is nothing but an attempt to bilk poor people and people on fixed incomes out of money. They hope to take advantage of the ever rising energy prices to blind people to the laughable nature of any sort of cooling claims. You can buy a cheap window fan (that at least partial vents the heat from the fan) for 30 $$$ at a hardware store  and a freeze pack or 2 at your local grocery store for under 5 $$$. They want 300 $$$ PLUS shipping for their unit. What a joke. If you have ever taken your lunch to work with an ice pack in it, you know how well your cooler has to be insulated to make it work well. Try that in a house.

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This from Ed last year:

Posted by Edwin Pawlowski on July 18, 2008, 10:01 pm

The laws of physics still win. It uses ice blocks. You remove the heat
from the block in your freezer. The freezer takes that heat and puts it
back into the room. Then you put the blocks in the unit and they absorb
heat making you feel cool right in front of it. Meantime, the block get hot
so you put them back in the freezer and remove the heat putting it back into
the room again.

It is close to a perpetual motion machine, but it has to actually add heat
along the way from the mechanical devices moving the heat energy around.

Get a real AC that removes the heat from one place and puts it into the
outdoors, not in another room of the same house.


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Then there is this cute response from HeyBub:


It blows air over blocks of ice which you’ve created in your fridge.
Assuming your freezer is in the same house – a closed system – you’re
creating more heat than you’re removing.
Google “cool+surge+scam” yields over three million hits.


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What does it matter if some boobs get swindled? Well it does matter.

Holocaust of the elderly: death toll in French heatwave rises to 10,000

By John Lichfield in Paris

The Independent, 22 August 2003 

The summer of 2003 will be remembered as the year of the holocaust of the French elderly.

France was reeling yesterday from figures that suggested some 10,000 people – mostly over the age of 75 – were killed by this month’s heatwave, double the previous estimate.

As a political storm raged over blame for the deaths, President Jacques Chirac called an emergency cabinet meeting and promised an inquiry to examine “with complete openness” the failings of the health and welfare system.

Half the victims are believed to have died in old people’s homes, many operating with fewer staff during the August holidays. Many hospitals had closed complete wards for the month and were unable to offer sophisticated, or sometimes even basic, treatment to victims. About 2,000 people are thought to have died in their homes from the effects of dehydration and other heat- related problems while neighbours and relatives were away.

Such was the death rate – described officially as a period of “surplus mortality” – that families are now having to wait for up to two weeks for a funeral because of a shortage of coffins, priests and grave-diggers.





Studies show that elderly women tend to live alone more than men and their life expectancies are higher so you are talking about your grandmother or your mother. So care already!

I leave you with the history of Glam


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