Fed’s Tax Credits For Biomass Stoves – You are wondering what the heck are they

My great grandmother had what they called a six “hole” cast iron cob burning stove. The thing was monstrous. It cover one wall of the dining room and was probably 6 foot long. It had two ovens and and ash box across the front and warming shelfs across the top. It was called a 6 hole because it had six plates where burners would be on modern stoves. You could lift each plate with an iron utensil to throw fuel on the fire. It was pretty efficient but what it spit out the pipe was probably nasty depending on what was being burned. I say cob burning because that is what was burned up mostly. Cobs were probably pretty clean. But it could burn wood and coal too and those were probably pretty bad. The cobs were plentiful on the farm and they worked well for fry cooking which is mainly what she did, but for making coffee and baking it took a fuel source with a few more btus in their britches. Did I mention it took a huge amount of skill to operate? Well these things have gotten popular again as propane and natural gas prices rise. I tried to find a picture of it her old stove but I don’t remember who made it so all I can do is show you modern ones.

Let me say right off the bat…corn is somebody’s food and wood should never be burned except for camp fires and wienie roasts. This is my opinion. This is about tax credits not about what is moral. I mean really think about it…the IRS moral?

First the Tax Credits:


Biomass Stove Biomass Stove Stove which burns biomass fuel5 to heat a home or heat water.Thermal efficiency rating of at least 75% as measured using a lower heating value. 30% of cost, up to $1,5002


This is actually a sly ad for Bixby Stoves…Bixby’s are bad but geez – people ask me why I “accumulate” things? Well this is why:


How to Choose a Biomass Stove for Heating

By Paul M. J. Suchecki, eHow Member Rating

Bixby's Max Fire

Bixby’s Max Fire


(27 Ratings)All fossil fuels started as biomass, organic molecules transformed by time and pressure into oil, coal and gas. With high crude prices, consider taking a shortcut and burn biomass directly with a biomass stove made specifically for heating.

  1. 1

    Look into the latest designs. Modern technology has increased the efficiency of new stoves to where biomass fuels can lower your heating bills. If you use stoves fueled by pellets, you’ll burn recycled waste made from sawdust. Pellets are so consistent in shape that stoves can feed them automatically. Cornell University is currently doing research on generating grass pellets to fuel biomass stoves. This would be a great way to actually put lawn cuttings to use.

    Several new stoves have no resemblance to the pot bellied heaters of yore. There are attractive additions to any living area with windows to watch the flames. Who knows, you just might favor those dancing images over the television?

  2. Step 2

    Consider an American Made Stove by Bixby. Bixby Energy Systems has created a stove, the Max Fire, that burns not only pellets, but corn. It’s a high-tech marvel with push button starting, an auto hopper and thermostat control. This stove uses blowers to circulate hot air through your room. Ash is automatically purged from the burner every 45 minutes. The stove’s operation is controlled by an onboard computer that produces a combustion efficiency that Bixby says is more than 99 percent accurate. It will take just a little time to get used to the rattle of corn kernels automatically fed to the burner, but the stove owners I know don’t even notice that slight noise any more.

  3. Step 3

    Get one that doesn’t pollute the air. Today’s biomass stoves consume fuel cleanly in contrast to the smoke that spews from traditional wood burners. Many new stoves come with EPA-approved catalytic combusters that will burn off most of the polluting gases a process that can increase your stove’s efficiency by as much as 10 percent.


Anticipate the money you’ll save. Homeowners have been surprised by how much money they’ve saved by heating with biomass instead of fossil fuels. The key lies in finding fuel that is inexpensive and readily available where you live. In the farm belt, corn can be surprisingly cheap as fuel. I’ve personally talked with farmers who dedicate a portion of their crops to heating. In other areas, biomass as exotic as olive pits could do the job for very little.

Bixby claims that its biomass stoves pay for themselves in three to four years compared to heating with fossil fuel. Biomass stoves are a great step toward energy independence and are a serious option worth considering as the days shorten and we inevitably slink toward the colder weather of fall.


There you have it buy Bixby or NOT. Maybe Croix:


Introducing the St Croix Line of Corn Burning Products; Featuring The St Croix SURE FIRE Technology!
A Line of Corn Stoves that work and are rapidly becoming the New Champion’s in the industry!

Why should you have to put up with products that don’t deliver what is promised?
What was needed in the Corn Stove industry  was a new design that actually burns the corn thoroughly. With incomplete burning you get an over abundance of black sooty ash and not as much heat. This produces large amounts of coal black ash which can easily build up to be a problem, plugging up the stove, choking the combustion air, filling the exhaust pipe, and covering the side of your house with black soot. This dirty burning requires a need for a total shutdown cleaning as much as twice a week.

Several years ago the Research and Development Department at Even Temp Inc. were told, “Fix what’s wrong with corn stoves.” They took three years and produced, “The Lancaster.” This corn stove is the front runner in an exciting line of Corn Stoves that work


Or maybe you might want something that burns a little wood:


American Energy Systems Inc. – 1-800-495-3196
Manufacturer of corn, wood pellet, biomass & agri-fuel burning free-standing stoves, furnaces & fireplace inserts.
Hutchinson, MN 55350 www.magnumheat.com

Thelin Company Inc. – 530-273-1976
Thelin Co. Inc. is the only company in the world that manufactures state of the art Wood, Pellet and Gas stoves with an old time ‘Parlour, Pot Belly’ look. These hand-crafted heaters are meticulously made to the highest quality standards. Pellet stoves available with auto light and thermo control.
Grass Valley, CA 95945 www.thelinco.com

The Fireplace and Chimney Store – 888-992-9889
Flame and Napoleon woodstoves are of the highest quality, designed to give you years of satisfactory service. Each of these products will enhance the beauty of your home.
Vicksburg, MS 39180 www.fireplace-chimneystore.com

Fireplace Equipment – 972-783-6988
Fireplace essentials: glass doors, gas logs, free standing screens, log holders, damper hooks, bellows, firebacks, grates, log carriers, andirons, fenders, fire starters, fire crystals, rainbow rocks, gas keys and covers, firewood totes and much more.
Richardson, TX 75080 www.fireplacequipment.com


But if I had my druthers it would be Biowaste Stoves instead. These guys started out pelletizing waste wood, but now they do corn stalks, sun flower stalks and heads…this is a much better solution:


Practical Environmental Solutions, Inc.

  • Producers of Biomass Power Pellets – A Premium Hardwood Pellet Fuel
  • Dealers for Quadra-Fire, St. Croix and Cumberland Corn and Pellet Stoves
  • Offering hearth pads, vent pipe, service plans and installations

    Why use Biomass Power Pellets?

We sell wood pellets by the bag, by the ton or by the semi-load. We can load
bulk pellets in any container you bring in, from a wagon to a trash can.
(Must give 48 hours notice).

A Family Owned And Operated Company

Contact us about being a
Biomass Power Pellet Dealer!

408 North 12th Avenue • Washington, Iowa 52353


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