The Big State Agencies Love The Illinois State Fair As Much As I Do

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Illinois State Fair

They show up with a vengeance. In all fairness (HAHA) I think some of them are mandated to show up. Again I was disappointed that I did not make it to the Illinois Building for Seniors day because IDENR puts on a great energy conservation display. I also did not make it to the Conservation area so I can not run a picture of the Oil Well like I do each year, nor did I get a chance to buy a TShirt from DENR if their stand was open this year. That said…The Governor had 2 tents and they covered the gambit:

First there was the U of I’s Sustainable Technology Center. They claim to have served Illinois since 1985. I got my doubts about that but….



Then there was the


Illinois Community College Sustainability Network:

established in 2007 to take advantage of the Stimulus Package of 2009…

Eguimqunon was there too:


Sorry I meant Emiquon..I never can say that name..

Plus the GREEN House:


MEET THE GREENS: Now almost all these exhibits were for kids:


Then again aren’t we all KIDS at Heart?

Did I mention the Butter Cow:



Or the Mehan’s 75 years at the Fair?


I know I did..


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