The Top 50 Environmental Blogs – OK maybe not but here are some of my Favs

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I have the same pet peeves about lists of Blogs as I do about lists of Energy Saving Tips. They are extremely arbitrary and when exactly do you stop? If you googled Environmental Blogs, like you probably did to get here, then you know there are lists of 10 blogs, there are lists of 20 blogs, and there is even a list of 35 blogs. So all I did to pick the title for today was to pick a bigger number then anyone else has. Did I mention I am a google whore…anyway before we go on I should say:

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Here is the blog that bills itself as the best green Blog ever. From the Conservation Law Foundation, who covers a story I did but in a much funnier way:

FOR SALE: One deep sea drill rig, needs TLC

November 15th, 2009 by Sean Cosgrove

A little paint and elbow grease will fix this baby right up and get it ready for the coast of Florida.

Could a little paint and elbow grease fix this baby right up and get it ready for the coast of Florida?

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the special do-it-yourselfer roughneck in your life? Here is a rare deal for you. Now that the Montara drilling platform in the remote Timor Sea is just a smoldering wreck its likely to be on the market soon at bargain prices. They say it couldn’t fail, but this low mileage, state-of-the-art, everything but fire-proof deep sea drill rig set the international oil cartels abuzz with its flamboyant four day blaze that rendered the quarter-billion dollar roman candle into an island of charred and twisted metal. In fact, everyone but the American media seemed to follow the story of the three month long oil spill that preceded the grand finale inferno.

Actually, I don’t know what the future holds for the Montara rig (also referred to as “West Atlas” in some reports) but there has to be a few options that are better than spending more millions to put it back into the drilling business. How about using it as a movie set for the next dozen apocalyptic action thrillers? What about doing something useful such as recycling the rig into wind turbines? Or, is that too practical? Yeah, probably.


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I do not know if I will actually get to 50 but this guy claims to have waded through 1,000s of green content sites to come up with his own list of 35..I got my doubts but I bet he gets alot of hits….plus he lists one of my favorites as No. 1. Many on the list are actually just silly but, He Who Makes the list rules.

The Top 35 Environmental Blogs

Written by Josh Catone / October 15, 2007 2:56 PM / 33 Comments

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs dedicated to the environment on the Internet. That’s really no surprise given that environmental conservation is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and has become especially pertinent in recent years due to concerns about global warming and mega-hit documentaries like Former US Vice President Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

As part of our participation in Blog Action Day, we waded through much of the environmental blogosphere and picked out our favorites (caveat: not all of these are blogs in the strictest sense of the word, but those that aren’t are generally still long-tail environmentally focused content sites). It’s very likely that we’ve left a few of your favorites off the list, so please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Presented in no particular order:


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Well he says no order but he lists one of the most read most useful websites first and he lists some pretty silly ones last so their must be some order, yah know:

Tree Hugger has ruled for years…

Readers, Send Us Photos Of Your Green Thanksgiving Feast!

by Emma Grady, New York, NY on 11.27.09

pumpkin salad recipe
Thanksgiving day feast: roasted pumpkin salad. 101 Cookbooks

Was the centerpiece to your meal an organic turkey on tofurkey? Did you serve the meal with antique cutlery on an organic cotton tablecloth? Were the yummy sweet potatoes from the local farmer’s market? Did you toast with organic or local wine? Prove it! We want to see photos of your green Thanksgiving day feast. We want to know what you cooked yourself, and any other green tidbits you’d like to share. Click through for details, and see the potential for your photo in today’s Readers’ Favorite Antiques and Heirlooms slideshow.

Article continues: Readers, Send Us Photos Of Your Green Thanksgiving Feast!


They only steal from the best sources!

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