Since Giuliani has nothing to share here is a fun site

I know I rag on compact flourescents all the time but Incadescent Lighting should be banned in the U.S. like it is in Australia.

Carol thought you would like to see this page from the Common Craft – Explanations In Plain English web site.

Message from Sender:

Doug, this is an awesome little video on CF light bulbs. Carol

Video: New Light Bulbs in Plain English
by leelefever

Switching the types of light bulbs we use at home is a small but
impactful way for nearly everyone to save money and help reduce
pollution. We made this video because compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs make sense and we want people to make the switch.

Length: 3:00

Please feel free to share this video. You can email it to someone here, or grab the code for your website on You Tube and (where you can also download the original file.)

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