Two Pressing Issues with Current Federal Legislation

Before I start talking about the Republican Presidential candidates energy policies I must put in a note for reality. I have held off on a dozen energy issues including a edition of National Geographic that is primarily about Global Warming and energy consumption but two friends have asked me to act on current legislation that is really important so…taking a big breath….There is legislation before the Senate and the House that will effect our lives for the next 10 years.

My new friend Jon Trenn is working on the CAFE standards part of it (vehicle fuel standards) and he wants you to sign his petition at: 

And my old and dear friend Dr. Al Casella is working against a part of it that would authorize $50 billion for a new round of Nukes. He wrote me:


I had to tell you about the energy bill that Congress is about to pass. Most of it is great–gets us more solar and wind energy and even makes cars more fuel efficient. But there’s one line in there that was added at the last minute that gives up to $50 billion for the nuclear industry. Enough money to launch a whole new generation of plants.

If you thought we had beat back nuclear power in the 70’s, you’re not alone. A bunch of musicians who fought nukes back then have picked up their instruments and started fighting again.

Click here to check out the music video and sign the petition:

Nukes present a real security threat and environmental hazard. We’ve got to get Congress to strip this money before they pass the energy bill.

So, pass this on!


Alex Casella

So please help my friends out please.  

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  1. Thanks a bunch Doug. The two provisions we’ve addressed in our efforts and the parts that call on for the CAFE standards to be raised to 35 by the year 2020. The idea there is to get our vehicles much more fuel efficient. Between getting oil in perilous places such as the Persian Gulf, plus how the cost of gas today really whacks our wallets, the idea of fuel efficiency is better for our national security, our wallets, and, of course, the environment.

    Also, the bill calls for, by 2020, a 20% base of our energy to come from renewable sources. That’s awesome because it helps solves many problems I just addressed…and it will create jobs a well!

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