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Much of the common sense that was built into our homes up until the 1950s was thrown out for what was called modernism. We here call it 20 year obsolescence and stupid. One of those Common Sense ideas was the idea of solar shading. This meant that for most parts of the temperate US all the houses would have roughly 2 or 3 foot eves. The idea being that you want the Sun during the winter and you don’t want it in the summer. Since most houses no longer have such eves and especially in the south where your eves would have to be 5 foot long, awnings have gotten popular. In Springfield IL for instance:

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In addition to renovating, designing or remodeling your outdoor spaces, we offer a large selection of awnings by several different manufacturers. Choose from a variety of styles and materials, including:

• Aluminum patio covers & pergolas
• Fabric
• Fiberglass
• Retractable fabric awnings
• Retractable – manual or motorized
• Stationary

We also sell and install Joyce windows, which are all welded, rigid vinyl construction and are extremely energy efficient. All styles are custom sized and have detailed contoured framing for an elegant “wood-like” look, all the while creating shadow lines in the main frame sash that mimic real wood windows. You really have to see them to believe how beautiful they are!


Retractable Patio Awnings
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Don’t let the name fool you! We offer high quality, do-it-yourself awnings, canopies, hurricane shutters and umbrellas at reasonable prices with FREE ground shipping.
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Canvas AwningsCanvas Awnings
View our collection of high quality and affordable Stationary Canvas Window and Door Awnings for your home or office. Custom order your awning or canopy from our available line of fabric awning colors and available sizes.

Metal AwningsMetal Awnings
Choose from our distinct line of outdoor Metal Awnings and Metal Canopies. These rigid metal window awnings and metal door canopies are ideal for enhancing exterior looks and protection from the elements.


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VideosHow to Protect Your Pet from Sun & Heat

Awnings Today Awnings and Energy Savings ? Awning Benefits See how awnings help reduce energy usage, and how awnings can expand living space, protect from UV Rays and beautify the home exterior. The video features an interview with John Carmody, Director of the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota, discussing the Awning Energy Study, Awnings in Residential Buildings: The Impact on Energy Use and Peak Demand.

The video also features PAMA Member, Gary Buermann of G & J Awning discussing the benefits of using awnings on the home, and some of the attractive features of modern awnings including a wide selection of fabrics and remote controls.

Buying Awnings: A Homeowner’s Purchase from Start to Finish


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