Al Gore Wins the Nobel Prize – nah nah nu nah nah

The above link will take you to a hysterical video that fuses a bit by Will Ferrell from Saturday Night Live and a kid (maybe 15 or 16 years old) lip sysnching the bit. The bit itself is funny and without his image it shows how well Farrell does George Bush II’s voice. But there is something about adding the kids image that ratchets up the hilarity level. It sums up the Bush administrations attitudes towards not only energy, but the environment as well. And the kid get George Bush’s ADD like movements so much better than Will.

Al Gore in this blog’s estimation may be single handedly responsible for saving this planet. Think how far we would have come on this issue if he had been President for last 7 years. No Nukes…like the Satan Dick Cheney is currently trying to spend 50 billion dollars on, and no pulling out of the Kyoto Accords. Instead we would have had massive spending on Solar and Wind. The economy must shift. Thank god Al Gore recognizes it. And told the rest of the world.

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