Springfield Has A New Architectural Standard

A new standard has been set for any new buildings in Springfield and Central Illinois in general. While I think they should have included some generation capacity, its pretty good. Please see the specifications below:

Melotte Morse Leonatti, Ltd.

213’/2 South Sixth Street, Springfield, Illinois 62701-1502 (217)789-9515 FAX (217)789-9518

illinois municipal electric agency headquarters

building fact sheet


      project team:

o    owner: illinois municipal electric agency o    architect: melotte morse leonatti, ltd. o    engineer: eta engineers o    contractor: o’shea builders

         prairie style influences         2.5 acre lot, 75 stall parking lot         33.OOO gross square feet         s-bay garage         36 seat board room with integrated AV and voting, 25 seat gallery         executive conference facility with integrated AV & phone       24/7/365 CONTROL CENTER IN 3,53O SQUARE FOOT TORNADO SHELTER (DESIGNED FOR

category F5 storms) with 72 hour generator backup

green features:

          alternative transportation (Bus rte, car pools, Low CO2 cars)          bicycle storage/shower

•—»- “cool” roofing/paving, light pollution reduction

          goal of 3o% water use reduction          building envelope 16% better than code          10o% geoexchange (geothermal) heating/cooling:

o    82 tons capacity – 54 tons = bl_dg. 28 tons = data racks

o    methalene solution in > 5o,ooo feet of polyethelene piping

o    1 1 high efficiency heat pumps — each heat pump a zone

o    6 loops (thermal exchange zones) of (1 2) 4″ diameter holes, 3oo feet deep

— reverse return system

o    fossil fuel consumption = O at the building o    energy savings: 84,601 kwh/year over similar water source heat pump

system. $6,10o estimated annual energy savings over conventional

system (as defined by ashrae 9o: electric boiler for heat and air-cooled

chiller/vav system for cooling) — 3o%

          fundamental & enhanced commissioning          goal of 5o% construction waste diversion          goal of 2O% recycled content a 2O% regional materials          automatic lighting controls:

o     interior based on available daylight and occupancy o    exterior based on astronomical time clock

          daylighting/views, operable windows          Low VOC finishes/indoor air quality          goal of silver level LEED certification

Rails C. Melotte, A.I.A. •  Richard R. Morse, A.I.A. •   David J. Leonatti, A.I.A. •   T. David Parker, A.I.A., Principals

Darrell R. Schaver, Associate

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