The Energy Bill May Pass..Ok so everyone is real excited and the internet is a vibrating so I put this up but TGI(WB)F shall not be ignored!

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Dear Doug,By just picking up your phone, you could help combat global warming and diversify America’s energy supply.This week, Ray LaHood will vote on whether to put America on the path toward a clean energy future.  All the pieces are in place:  A national renewable electricity standard means consumers across the country would save more than $13 billion on their energy bills by 2020. Raising fuel economy standards will save American consumers $25 billion at the pump, create 170,800 new jobs in America, and cut U.S. global warming pollution from passenger vehicles 21 percent by 2030.

Harnessing energy from clean, renewable resources and making cars that go farther on a gallon of gas would create jobs, save consumers money, and significantly reduce global warming pollution. Congress must pass strong final legislation now!

Your Representative’s vote is key to determining whether or not we will take this crucial step.

Our Call Center makes it painless for you to call your Representative’s office and ask that your elected member of Congress cast a vote that will put us on the path toward a clean energy future. Call now!

Thank you for your help in putting America on the path towards a clean energy future!


Greg Haegele
Greg Haegele
Director of Conservation  

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