Home Energy Use – I dare you…total up the amount of money you have spent on utilities in your lifetime

What Difference A Day Makes. I put up this post yesterday and it centered on on a guys website that was kind of cool. As you know (please read the NO NEW CONTENT section), this website functions as an accumulator site. We firmly believe that there is plenty of new information out there everyday that we don’t need to add to the confusion. We never claim the material as our own. As our great high school English teachers (Ms. Carriker and Mr. Grimm) taught us, we never use more than Fair Use and we always cite the source so people can go there and read more. Everyonce in awhile…this is the 3rd time in 3 years… we run into what we call “internet idiots” that want to get all ballistic on us. They always claim that we are violating their intellectually property rights by copying word for word their most precious thoughts. WELL. What I usually do is put up a way to contact them…point out how dumb it is to give up free publicity, even if it is from a small nonprofit website, and move on. But since this guy borrows most of his stuff anyway and since he has an ego the size of a dump truck…I left up the parts that he borrowed and as for the size of his ego please see:



U.S. household energy

Electrical usage of household items

The chart above shows how the average home used energy (not just electricity) in 2007. (Dept. of Energy)

Austin Energy,

(City of Tallahassee)

A little farther down is a chart showing the relative use of various appliances.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Seattle Light

Cornhusker Public Power District


Power Consumption Database,

More Energy Savings.

More tomorrow.

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