Alternative Energy Action Network – nice list of other energy warriors.

2 links below. I like the first once best because it has a cool list of folks:



International Association for Energy Economics
Journal and newsletter devoted to economic issues of energy supply and demand; organization seeks to gather both professionals and those interested in these issues form an economic standpoint

Collection of studies and reports from Doug Koplow, on energy subsidies and ongoing legislation: good analysis of the recent energy bill.

Energy Future Coalition
Nonpartisan alliance that seeks to identify energy policy options with broad political support.

Union of Concerned Scientists – Energy
We have much in common – among the five steps to take on global warming, UCS states “Yet, we invest far more in subsidies for the fossil fuel and nuclear industries today than on R&D for renewable energy or advanced vehicle technologies. For instance

Renewable Energy Policy Project
Advocacy and discussion groups on renewable energy options. Not terribly active, but occasionally updated

Natural Resources Defense Council
General (US) environmental organization, but with a strong emphasis on clean energy policy

Global Energy Network Institute
Organization focused on bringing electricity to the world through a global electric grid, similar to the global reach of the internet.

Solar Catalyst Group
Nonprofit consortium of business, government, investors, labor, and environmental and community groups and individuals working to catalyze the solar energy portion of a renewable energy future by creating a mass market for solar photovoltaics. Increa


Space Solar Power Workshop
Group advocating for space solar power development; a specific plan for a congressionally chartered space solar power company seems to be in the works.


International Solar Energy Society
Renewable energy in all its forms. Unfortunately too much focus on small scale, rather than large scale, solutions (typical).


Other sites with generally realistic coverage of energy and climate issues:
Energy Bulletin
The Oil Drum
Real Climate
Technology Review
Jerome’s diary

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