Chicago Well On The Way To Being The Greenest City In America


• Museum to build

‘green’ home

CHICAGO — A three-story, fully functioning “green” home is going to be built on the cam­pus of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.

Museum officials say the house will showcase the latest innovations in renewable re­sources and smart energy con­sumption.

For instance, guests will be able to see how wastewater from the shower and bath can then be used for toilets.

The 2,500-square-foot home is expected to be open to the public for nine months begin­ning May 8. It will be the basis for an exhibit called “Smart Home: Green Plus Wired.”

The modular home is being built on an assembly line in De-catur, Ind.

It’s expected to arrive at the museum in late February for final interior work, furnishing and landscaping.

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