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Residential Energy Services

The average Michigan household spends more than $2,000 annually on energy bills. But with Clean Energy Structures’ assessments and tools, we can help you achieve lower energy bills, greater comfort and increased property values.


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Infrared Analysis

Infrared imaging is a powerful tool to detect insulation gaps, air leakage, and other hidden energy losses. This tool is most effective when combined with blower door testing. A full report including infrared and reference images with detailed captions will be provided.

Efficiency Verification + Contractor Coordination

Clean Energy Coalition can assist you as you implement energy efficiency upgrades in your home. Once you have completed a home energy assessment, we will make recommendations for specific, vetted contractors that will best fit your project. Our trained energy analyst will evaluate the installations and performance of these energy-saving upgrades and provide a report detailing the changes made in your home.

*$75 DTE Energy Rebate available


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Construction Consultation

Our trained staff will consult with you as requested to help make your residential construction project as energy efficient as possible.

Service Contact Information

Nick Helmholdt
Structures, Project Manager
734.585.5720 x13


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