Automated Residential Systems – Here is a good example

Again these type systems are not for lower or working class families. They need basic energy conservation techniques and ultimately to be moved off the grid. But for those who can afford it this is pretty cool.

Venergy home is a complete home automation solution. The Venergy system allows homeowners to control all the lights in their home from a series of self-powering switches, Thermostat HVAC control, and electronics connected to the Venergy outlet. In addition the home owner has complete home automation through the Venergy software for entertainment, security alarm, cameras, real time smart energy monitoring and much more!

New Home Construction or Retrofit Benefits:

Reduce build costs in new construction with the Venergy new home 16 channel controller, which eliminates the need for switch legs.

100% whole house dimming, which results in dramatic energy savings and extended bulb life with the Venergy new home controller

Because all switches are 100% movable, homeowners can change switch locations any time they want or need to.

Terminate Standby power to electronics with the Venergy outlet.

Know to the kHw or penny how much energy your home is consuming with the Venergy Smart Monitor.

Turn on lights, control temperature, monitor your home while out of town with your iPhone, Blackberry or web browser and the Venergy software interface.

The Venergy home automation solution is a simple retrofit or new construction system which provides the home owner with basic or advanced control as they desire.


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