Continuing To Take A Window Out Of Service – For about 2 bucks

Sometimes you run into something that you have never faced before. Oh, by the way the last 2 requests for links and posting their website or guest posting turned out to be bullshit. Sorry, I mean internet frauds of one sort or another. But I went into the bedroom to repair some tinfoil that I used to shut down a window and the tinfoil was hot! That has never happened to me before so I am further blocking off the two windows with a layer of styrofoam. I am trying to create a dead air space to act as an insulation zone. Speaking of fraud wait to you see this space here tomorrow. I plan on closing out the week by beating the stuffing out of ArcticPro. First here is the modern way to make your windows functional.

Daylighting Window Films – Taking Window Film Out of the Dark Ages


In the dark ages of window films consumers had to make a tough choice between two evils. Do they select a dark window film to block glare and heat, or do they have a mirror like window film installed? Either way; the Hobbesian Choice had a down side. Today’s window films like VISTA Window Film created a new dynamic and resulting solution for consumers. Superior glare rejection and heat blocking while providing visible light and optimum clarity. No longer the “dark days” or what we used to call “Scotch Gloom” , but rather a perfect balance. The advances made in the last few years in the area of thin films and nanotechnology have been the vehicle for these advances in performance. Here in the Tampa Bay area where we install Vista Safety and Security Films our clients are extremely aware of their home’s aesthetics. They specifically request low reflectivity films for interior as well as exterior views. There is an entire industry related to this concept known as daylighting. Daylighting or more accurately side-lighting is the concept of using the sun’s natural light to illuminate interior space rather than electric lighting. Researchers like the Berkely labs and the Lighting Collaborative have produced studies that define the psychological benefits of natural light. Natural light is already being designed into homes and offices via skylights and light solar tubes. Now the new nanotechnology and nano-ceramic window films allow for daylighting without the associated glare and heat gain that raised the thermostat and forced employees and homeowners to drop the blinds and shades. There are critical benefits associated with daylighting at retail stores where traffic increases when there is more natural light, and security issues at retail stores is addressed since law enforcement can have visibility into the store during the day or night. Just think of a “hold up robbery” Today’s window films provide numerous historic benefits with none of the downside. A new bright future for consumers who wish to save energy costs but don’t want to live in the dark!

Mike FeldmanAbout the Author:

Mike Feldman is the President of Advanced Film Solutions an exclusive Vista and FormulaOne High Performance Films provider in the Tampa Bay area. He was formerly with 3M (mmm) for 33 years holding numerous positions including National Sales Manager of 3M Window Film

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